Building up some velocity (the plan is no plan?)

I’ll set the scene, I’ve been on the road for the past three and something years. Aimlessly trying to get my life in order, which hasn’t really worked as I haven’t gotten any closer to “finding myself” or any of that cliche nonsense. Instead, I’ve begun a love affair with long distance hiking, cycling, or any activity where living out of a tent and showering weekly is considered to be “Just great!”. In 2011-2012, I cycled 7000 km across Australia and I was hooked. In 2013 I walked the 3000 km Te Araroa trail in New Zealand (Insanely beautiful, I met Gina on this one!). May 2014 marks the next voyage for me, or should I say us?

Here are the details: An unknown distance through an unknown route, starting somewhere in Mexico and probably finishing in Ushuaia. A year… Or two, and a couple of Fatbikes.

People always ask me why? Why don’t you just take a car? Well the answer is that I don’t fucking want to. Let’s see how you look at me when I suggest a hot air balloon as a suitable car replacement for your daily commute to work….now you’re getting the picture.

I approached Chris at Wheel Life Cyclery in Okotoks about building our bikes. 2 Surly Pugslies (is that the plural?) with hand built wheels and a couple of parts swapped out for increased reliability. Chris has been awesome to deal with, he spent some serious time and effort getting the bikes shipped over to Halifax, and they arrived looking great! I can’t speak highly enough of Them over at Wheel Life.

A couple of pictures, just assembled.







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