The Beginnings

Since Dan made the start, I figured it would be nice for me to post something next.

I’m currently in my final year at the University of Edinburgh. If we hadn’t planned this cycle tour, I would have absolutely no clue what to do next. Since I can’t write about our lovely bikes because they’re more than 6000 km away, we’re going to write about gear at some later point when we’ve gotten everything, and because I’m a story-teller I’ll fill you in on the ‘background story’.

More than a year ago Dan and I met hiking along the Te Araroa in New Zealand. As I had no clue what to do once I was done with my degree and neither did Dan, his idea was to cycle around South America as he’d been wanting to see more of it. Why not travel while you’re young and able to do so before age brings along more responsibilities and learning a trade and getting a job becomes somewhat inevitable. As I’m open to most things and, like Dan, love the outdoors and having adventures, I was in and so we started planning.

First we thought about cycling the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina, then we figured we might just start in Canada (where Dan is located at the moment), but we eventually decided to start in Mexico; he wasn’t keen on cycling through the States, and this would give us more time to enjoy cycling at our pace rather than rushing all the way down so that we wouldn’t take too long.

Whilst in Jasper (Alberta), Dan fell in love with Surly’s Pugsleys which allow you to cycle on any kind of terrain (snow, sand, you name it…). Whilst doubtful at first (worried they might be too heavy, they have massive wheels – see picture) I was quickly convinced when I had a ride myself and so we ordered two lovely ‘fat’ bikes just before the new year. Quite pricey (more than 2000 CAD each) they will (hopefully) be worth it. With sturdy bikes like these our chances of breaking down in the middle of nowhere will be minimised and we will be able to go off-road and enjoy beautiful untouched lands.

Over the past couple of months we’ve been ordering in gear. Again, pricey, but fortunately everything is cheaper in Canada/the US than in the UK, and having good quality gear is necessary if you’re planning such a big trip. Most of it will hopefully last us all the way. We’re probably even going to save money on the road by travelling through countries that are cheaper and by not having to spend money on rent.

Just another 2 months or so and off we go. We’re very excited!! 😀

And because I don’t have photos of our bikes, gear and none from our trip yet, this is us…

Dan and Gina


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