Could this be our companion? (April Fools)

I’ve been thinking a lot about our security on the cycle tour – all our gear has cost us a lot of money, crime is common in South America, and especially at night we might be at risk of getting our valuables stolen. I’m particularly worried about our bikes!

So a few weeks ago, I decided to do some research. I got in touch with an animal shelter in Cancun (which is where we’re flying into on May 29!!). A very nice lady who works there, Maria, got back to me. She said that some dog breeds are great shepherds and also good runners – they can go for many many miles a day without it doing any harm to them. I didn’t tell Dan anything about it because I thought it might take some convincing and I didn’t want to try until I had more information. So last night, Maria emailed again saying they just got a Belgian Sheperd (Malinois) in which would be ideal for our purpose. I know it would mean carrying a little more food and water but I’m happy to load that onto my bike because I’m worried about our stuff and myself more so than Dan.

If you think that this is a good idea, please like this post and help me to convince Dan that we should tell Maria that we’re adopting Riccardo. Who could resist this cutie?

Maria sent me this photo of Riccardo

4 thoughts on “Could this be our companion? (April Fools)

  1. You will need a way to bring the dog along on the bike. While the dog with some training can run for 100km without to much hazzle in a temperate climate, he will not necessarily be able to keep up, especially in the heat you will be experiencing. The water you will have to carry will also be substantial. Adding to the weight of equipment, food and the dog himself. Another crucial issue is that going through central america you will be going in and out of major cities. If you dont have a way of bringing the dog on the bike you run a risk that the dog will be hurt in traffic.

    Boarders can give you a lot of hazzle. and many hostels wont alow you to bring the dog if you need to stay in cities.

    In the end it depends mostly on how much time you have and whether you can afford to take the risk that the dog will slow you down substantially atleast for some time.

  2. I knew the title said ‘April Fools’ but I fell for it anyway. I was thinking, “That’s actually a brilliant idea. Just hope she can find a home for it after their cycle tour!” Ha! I love reading this blog and can’t wait to read more about your cycling adventures. Sounds like too much awesomeness! Also, if you’re ever in NYC, let me know. 🙂

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