Three years ago I did my first cycle tour across Australia. A friend and I, 2 cheap bikes, and two bob yak bike trailers. We would have been carrying upwards of 60 lbs of gear at certain points which I consider ridiculous in retrospect. Valid arguments included the fact that there are very few streams around, and towns, being so far apart required the carry of large amounts of food. Less valid arguments include the fact that my laptop weighed five pounds and I had 3 or 4 cameras… I seemed to have a real lack of focus (pun definitely intended) with regards to what I needed to pack.

In 2012/2013 I refined my packing techniques for my 3000km hike in New Zealand. Gina of course did not, it’s hard to describe what she looked like when I first met her, but a lumbering brontosaurus wouldn’t have been an altogether inaccurate description (sorry sweetie I’m just describing your backpack, and not you!)

I’ve found that there is a balance between weight and comfort and I hope that on this trip it’s been reasonably achieved. We’ve got a sweet sleeping system and tent which is all relatively light, but splurged grams on a mirror less camera, solar charger, and iPad mini. I’m pretty stoked about the setup. Here are a few photos and we’ll put up an elaborate pack list once Gina and I have our bikes fully set up. All bike bags here are revelate designs and they seem burly and well designed. Check out for more info.

Man I love riding this thing!





One thought on “Revelation

  1. Just wanted to note that even if I/my backpack looked like a ‘brontosaurus’ my packing wasn’t thaaat bad… At the very start it looked something like this: one (half-broken) camera, a (massive Victorinox Swiss Champ) knife, a kindle, notebooks, two changes of (cotton) clothing and a dress, peanut butter, honey, one square meals, a (10+) sleeping bag, a (pop-up) tent, and a (3l) water bottle…
    Luckily Dan saved me and is probably saving me again on this trip (…I would’ve gone for foam mats) 😉

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