The complexities of packing a fat bike

I knew that packing up these suckers wouldn’t be easy. Thankfully, I’d had them shipped from out west from Chris at Wheel Life Cyclery and we got a few ideas from his creative packing. Unlike regular bikes, these burly machines won’t fit into regular bike boxes. Instead, we packed the frames and our gear into two bike boxes as seen below. 

The wheels became a bigger dilemma as we couldn’t find any boxes the right size. We cushioned the discs, cassettes, and axles with as much packing material as we could get our hands on. Gina came up with the idea to pack our wheels into collapsed boxes with extra cardboard reinforcement.

The box she’s holding is essentially two collapsed boxes taped together, one wheel in each. It’s fairly ridgid and will hopefully keep the wheels safe until we can build them up again in Mexico. We would be keen to hear about what others have done in this situation, what other ideas have you come up with?


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