Arrival: making sense of chaos (Cancun, Mexico)

Our alarm rang at 3:15 and reluctantly we dragged our sleepy heads out of bed to get to the airport for our 6:40 flight from Halifax to Cancun. After having to unpack and repackage our oversized bags (the scanners were too small) we were on our way.

Mexico arrival

Arrival in Cancun 

In Cancun we eventually decided to just get a communal taxi (rather than building our bikes there). We had wanted to couchsurfing but our host did not respond last minute so we booked ourselves into a cheap hostel in the city centre.

Whilst Dan started to build up the first (his) bike I went into town to get us water and something to eat.

Mexico building up bikes

After a few hours, the first bike was done. Dan was exhausted and I am unfortunately a bit helpless when it comes to building our bikes so we decided to do mine tomorrow.

Mexico arrival

Had to carry all our stuff up to the second floor


It’s bloody hot, around 20 degrees warmer than it was in Halifax the last few days. We’re staying here for two nights before hitting the road. It seems to get dark quite early (it’s pretty dark now at not even 8pm). We’re enjoying the warm evening with a lovely breeze blogging on the hostel’s deck.

Mexico night before departure

P.S this is the shower.



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