Playa Del Carmen (We still haven’t seen the sea…)

Our first day of cycling in the sweltering heat of a Mexican summer. Thankfully we were blessed with some clouds and rain to keep body temperatures down. My odometer says 68km, google maps says 73 so we’ll split the difference. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything longer than a work commute or short afternoon ride, and Gina has never done anything alike. Both in good spirits, we arrived in Playa Del Carmen at noon just as a torrential downpour begun. It seems like a nice, but very touristy town but I certainly prefer it to Cancun. To say that these bikes attract attention would be an understatement, but thankfully it seems to be a good conversation starter and hopefully later on may aid with our quest to find cheap places to lay our weary heads.

To any cyclists looking to do this route, the way down south from Cancun sucks. There’s no other way to put it. Unfortunately there is only one road with very little shade. In a way it’s an excellent starting point as things can’t get any worse. Maybe for road cyclists it’s fine, but we want to cut some tread into dirt as soon as possible!

Mexico first day

One of the few spots we could pull over for a rest

Anyway, not many photos today as it takes a bit of time to get into the flow and we’re still quite busy trying to get organized. Looks like the idea of tenting in this area is totally out of the question so we’re trying to prebook accommodation as cheaply as possible.

Now if this damn rain would stop maybe I could take some photos and we could go to the beach!

– Dan



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