Showering on Bikes (Tulum)

We started off yet again very early at around 6 am to cycle from Playa del Carmen to Tulum (around 65 km, 3 1/2 hours on the road including a few snack breaks).

Mexico dirt next to highway

A small section of dirt road right next to the highway.

It was cooler than yesterday and at the beginning it was just drizzling but soon the rain got heavier and it’s been raining since. Yet rain and wind are a whole lot better than heat and sun so no complaints about the weather (although it would be nice if the rain wasn’t that heavy and stopped when off the bikes, as it kinda makes us stick around the hostel).

Mexico rain

Soaking wet.

We still have to cycle on the highway (fortunately less busy today) and haven’t come across spots to put up our tent and probably won’t for another while, but camping in this kind of weather wouldn’t be all that great anyway and hostels are relatively cheap compared to Western countries (on average 400 pesos for a private double room – we want take our bikes into the room).

Mexico highway

At least the highway usually has a quite wide shoulder that we have to ourselves.

When cycling in any kind of weather on rather unscenic roads you just have to appreciate the little things along the way (we came across butterflies and various birds yesterday and today lots of frogs, at times they were louder than the traffic, our bikes and the rain combined).

It was a short day on our bikes but it’s nice to take it slow the first few days. Tomorrow we’ll probably have to kill 100 km to get to the next bigger town.

– Gina


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