Bike, meet dirt. (Corozal to Orange Walk)

Our ride from Corozal to Orange Walk was an exciting one. Scanning over some topo maps, we confirmed a route through some small towns which looked much more pleasant than the busy highways we’ve been forced to use.

Starting out at around six thirty in the morning, we rode along the coast with a slight breeze cooling us from the wet, sticky air. After twenty kilometres we turned off onto a smaller paved road which led us to the township of Liberdad. A few cars passed in the opposite direction pointing and yelling warnings for us to turn around back to the main highway. Slightly worried, we spoke with a farmer who put our minds at ease. He told us the roads were safe despite being rough. Perfect, we had the right tools for the job. A few kilometres further, the road quality gradually degraded to a mix of well worn asphalt and dirt.

Belize dirt road

Our bikes were beautiful, no longer sluggish beasts on hot asphalt, but forgiving and lively over all the potholes and bumps we came across. We realized that we were riding through fields of sugar cane. There was little traffic maybe the occasional truck, but we passed numerous farmers and crews working the fields. Most of them thought we were lost and tried to direct us back from where we came.

Belize sugar cane fire

I remarked to Gina that I was surprised to see no rubbish on the side of the roads, something which was very prevalent down the highway in the Yucatan. We then came upon a small junction that was clearly acting as the local tip.

Belize rubbish

With no road signs, we were directed town to town by farmers or passing vehicles who usually stopped to ask if we were ok. We ended up to our surprise at a river, a small hand operated cable ferry to take us across at expense to the Belizian government (free is always good).

Belize river

After a meagre 55 kilometres we rolled in to Orange Walk, tired and sweaty but happy that finally our bikes made sense.

– Dan



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