Belize it or not we’re in Guatemala

Almost 700 km

Our stay in Belize was quite brief, we cycled from the north to the west of the country (ie from the Mexican to the Guatamalan border) over a period of 4 days. As we did not see much whilst cycling on the highways in Mexico we were happy to finally have some nice views on Belize’s countryside when we cycled along the country’s “highway” which really is more like a regular road, quite well maintained with very few road signs and often with some sort of dirt-road-like shoulder. We particularly enjoyed the last section from Belmopan to Benque Biejo Del Carmen when it got hillier and more scenic. We had one day of cycling on dirt roads off the main road (Corozal to Orange Walk). Apparently there was also a dirt road system from Burell Boom to Belmonpan but we couldn’t confirm whether the river was crossable. The south of the country is supposed to be very beautiful so for other cyclist, maybe another route might be worth considering.

We encountered quite a bit of Belize’s wildlife: we saw (dead) snakes, birds, bats, iguanas and various other lizards, and even heard howler monkeys one night.

It was somewhat odd to be in an English-speaking environment again (a Creole is also commonly spoken). Our bikes were a magnet for people to approach us (in a friendly way) and it was nice to get information from locals. All in all we had a pleasant couple of days, despite the constant heat, our continuing aches including dehydration, heat strokes, tired muscles, and exhaustion when arriving at the next destination, frequently turning us into two useless zombies. Crossing the border was very uncomplicated but while we were able to avoid the border fee at the end of Mexico since it was included in our airfare, we had to pay 37.50 Belizian Dollars each.

Anyways, here some more general information:


Frequently the water is treated with chlorine, as in Mexico, and we’d really advise you not to drink it. We did so one day (our filtration system can’t filter out chlorine unfortunately) and ended up dehydrated and sicklish. It’s worth spending the couple of dollars on water!


Belize has a better economy and is therefore a bit more pricey, but still very affordable. We spent around 15 Belizian Dollars each day together.


… Remains what we spent most of our money on. We stayed in double rooms and brought our bikes inside in the following hostels (cost in Belizian Dollar)

Corozal: Sea Breeze Hotel, 60

Orange Walk: Orchid Palm Inn, 65 (deposit 25). Very nice!

Burrell Boom: Private cabin, 25

Belmopan: Apartments El Hostelito, 25

Belize house

Lots of houses on stilts to avoid flooding

Belize bus stop

Guatemala border

And now we’re in Guatemala!


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