Border and beyond (Melchor de Mencos to San Benito, Flores)

On our first day in Guatamala we spent the night at the Guatamalan border, Melchor de Mencos. Dan saw someone on a bicycle get hit by a motorcycle. He went to help the man who then demanded he pay 50 dollars in local currency to mend the bike wheel. Meanwhile an old man approached during the argument and tried to sell us some cocain. It was an interesting start to our Guatamalan experience.

The following day we cycled 93 km from Melchor de Mencos to San Benito. It was probably the toughest day so far; for the first time very hilly terrain, an hour in our first puncture (Dan’s bike), lots of sun and few clouds, and the realization that we had lost our sunscreen. Luckily we came across some tourists later on who happily gave us a bottle. We were very exhausted upon our arrival in San Benito, and still had to somehow find the way to a friend of Gina’s who currently lives here. People told us the area was very dangerous there and that we might get robbed. It turned out to be so incredibly dangerous because we got so tired from smiling to the friendly locals that our mouths almost fell off. If you want good advice, ask a few people and play your odds.

We had a lovely evening in San Benito. We went swimming in the lake at Flores and had some delicious  tacos, plantain and tostadas (Dan got travel sickness but it was worth it!). We would like to thank Merle and Maria for letting us stay at their place for our first day of rest to recover our aching muscles and service our bikes.

Guatemala puncture

It seems like these are always the kind of flats cycle tourists get. How unlucky.


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