Trucks, travel sickness, and faulty wiring. (Coban, Purulha, Guastatoya)

Guatemala Semuc

A birds eye view of Semuc Champey

Reason for the lack of blogging: Travel sickness. Gina and I made some lovely cheese and cucumber sandwiches for dinner a few nights ago and proceeded to spend the night rotating between being keeled over, and sitting on the toilet.

Guatemala countryside

A small community on the way to Coban

We’re still not sure what actually caused it as we also had the “genius” idea to try filtering the tap water for drinking (which no locals even recommend). All questions aside, we had to stay put for a few days in Coban. From our room, we had the privilege of listening to the newspaper fellow blowing his whistle every fifteen seconds, from sun up to sun down. I appreciated his effort to keep us in the loop as to his location just in case I might need a newspaper.

After two days of boredom in Coban, we finally decided to push forward to Purulha. A short and pleasant 50km day (50km further from Mr. Newspaper thank God) and we arrived early and before the sun got too hot. The town itself was nice and probably one of my favorite towns to date. The locals were really friendly and chatty, and I tried some fried potatoes served with salsa verde at the market. For some reason my upset stomach was really craving something fried as the past few days I’d basically just been eating bananas and crackers… Yum.

Guatemala hotel bathroom

I’m not an electrician, but our shower in Purulha looked more like an electrocution machine

The following day we rode 92km to Guastatoya. It was mostly downhill but while the mountains provided cloud cover and wind, the temperature at lower elevation was boiling. My stomach was still feeling rough, and I had trouble eating and drinking water. The road we picked was unfortunately the main highway to Guatamala, and countless times we were pushed off the road by trucks passing only a few inches from us. Thankfully tomorrow we detour onto a side road for our transit to the El Salvadorean border.

Guatemala morning fog

Foggy riding, we had to use a headlamp with red light function to make sure trucks could see us.

Guatemala waterfall

Tons of nice waterfalls on the roadside





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