Boating away from El Salvador (La Union to Potosi)

Seven days in El Salvador left a very good impression. Whilst initially coming across as more reserved, the people were very friendly and welcoming. The landscape is beautiful with volcanoes peaking into the horizon and wonderful beaches. We were very pleased with the grading after not having had much of it in Guatemala. We were also surprised to find accommodation in El Salvador cheaper than in any country before, especially as we had been told that Guatemala was going to be the cheapest. We spent on average $10 for accommodation, the cheapest we could do was $2 for a campground (and $0 when we warmshowered and stayed with another local). For food and water we spent around $10 a day. We really enjoyed the cuisine, it wasn’t hard to find food stalls in towns and en route, and we didn’t get food poisoning. Our favourite, which seems to be the national dish here served in the mornings and evenings, were pupusas (tortillas with cheese and beans or meat inside) and I personally also really liked fried plantanes.

We decided not to go through Honduras to avoid changing money for just a few days and cycling on a highway the entire time. However, our decision ended up being quite costly; $70 for the boat from La Union to Potosi (for both of us and our bikes), $12 each at the Nicaraguan border (apparently this fee only applies if you enter at the port or airport, not if you come via road), and one day of waiting (which was nice though as we were able to camp the night for free at the captain’s place on an island). We were quite a bit worried about our bikes on water but our babies did well and nothing but a water bottle got damaged.

Nicaragua boating from ES

Our bikes survived the bumpy rides (to the island, and then to Nicaragua)


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