A beautiful day (Rio Sereno to Volcan)

Today deserves a blog post for itself. Over the past 50-something days that we’ve been cycling, today has by far been the most beautiful.

We left Rio Sereno as the sun was rising with glorious views onto the surrounding mountains. We had several downhills and climbs to bring us from 1000m to 1600m and finally into Volcan at 1400m. All climbs were perfectly cycleable (zigzagging always helps anyway), even the section that we thought might have to be walked as we went from 1350 to 1600 in only a few kilometres. The weather was terrific too, once the sun was up, the fresh mountain air, the wind, and the shade of the surrounding trees kept us cool.

Panama yet

Panama stunning day

To anyone cycling into Panama, we highly recommend the route from Rio Sereno to Volcan. Thanks to Mario for recommending it to us!

In Volcan we happened upon Lynda, a Canadian, who retired here with her husband. She offered us to camp on her property and gave us a ride around the area in the afternoon. Glad we didn’t have to cycle another 3-5 hours to see this…

Panama view

Panama onions

90% of Panama’s vegetables are grown here

Panama Lyndas photo

Photo of us (provided by Lynda) before heading off


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