Bogota and Break

After we cycled through Honda, instead of continuing on the highway up into the mountains, we took a dirt road down to Cambao along Rio Magdalene. What a beautiful section; quiet and scenic.

Colombia off the highway

Colombia dirt road finally

Cambao, however, turned out to be a bit of a nightmare: Neither the police nor the church had a spot for us to stay the night. It hadn’t rained in a long time and the cheaper hotel was closed because they had no water. Our only option ended up being the second, pricy, hotel. We didn’t have much choice for dinner either – there was only one restaurant (luckily the meals were filling and reasonably priced).

We were very happy to finally start our climb up the mountains the next morning, leaving the scorching heat (and the many mosquitoes and sandflies) behind us. The climb was very gradual and enjoyable with some amazing views.

Colombia birthday

Colombia birthday view

As we had plenty of days until our flight and didn’t want to wait in Bogota for too long, we took our time, first stopping in Viani, then Alban and Facatativa. Since the hotels in Alban were very pricey we were very thankful when a fella offered us to camp in his backyard. Another family invited us in for Agua de Panela con Leche in the evening and for coffee and hot chocolate in the morning (of my birthday).

Colombia familly

We arrived in Bogota on the 29th, cleaned and packed our bikes to store them wih a friend with whom we then spent a couple of nice days, going to a Colombian BBQ and exploring some of Bogota’s markets. Thanks for your hospitality and help, Hanni!

Colombia Dan and bike

Colombia Gina cleaning bike

We’d been a bit worried getting around the airport might be a nightmare after reading some stories online, but it turned out easy, quick, and stressfree. We met a Colombian, Juan, who has been living in the US for many years. He didn’t just invite us for lunch but also surprised us with some lovely souvenirs…  Thanks again for lifting our spirits on our way back!

Colombia airport

Here now begins our official break, after three months of cycling from Cancun to Bogota, back in Canada. It’s a shame we have to take a break, but we’d rather wait and enjoy cycling in the mountains in dry season. We need to get some new gear anyway and it’s handy if working for a few months can make up for some of the expenses.


2 thoughts on “Bogota and Break

  1. Enjoy the well desired rest, Dan and Gina…you’ll need it for the next chapter of your adventure.
    P.S. Happy B-Day Dan… 🙂

    • Oops only saw this now! Thanks, nice having a break but we are looking forward to being back in the saddles. It was actually Gina’s birthday 😉

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