A well-fitting Christmas present

Over the three months we cycled, Dan’s T-shirt (merino T-shirt made in the Factory Outlet store in Palmerston North that held up a lot better than his previous icebreakers) got destroyed so that a young Colombian boy ended up going around town collecting T-shirts for him. He cycled the next couple of days up to Bogota in a cotton shirt (hot!).

Upon our return to Halifax I wanted to find a merino shirt for him. Rather than buying him a random one I wanted it to be unique with, if possible, a custom design. I searched and searched but didn’t seem to be able to find anything until I stumbled upon a New Zealand website of Soigneur, based in Rotorua, at the beginning of October. Not only do they make merino shirts that can be custom-designed, but the shirts are even specifically for cyclists!

This was exactly what I had been looking for! As the price wasn’t in my budget I decided to send them an email to ask whether they would be any chance they’d be up to sponsoring us. It’s not like we’re cycletouring for a cause or organisation but it’s great that people want to support our adventure anyway.

David Carman, founder and chief designer of Soigneur, replied in no-time and told me that a shirt for both of us was no problem. I was blown away! Dan was sitting just 5 metres away from me and I wanted to jump up of joy but I had to hold it together. A month later, after many different drafts the final design was done and the colours were decided on. The shirts went into production and arrived at the beginning of December. I wrapped them up and today, on Christmas day, Dan opened the package and couldn’t believe his eyes:

He couldn’t stop talking about them for ages. We are very impressed by the shirts; brilliant manufacturing, awesome durable merino wool, handy pockets at the back, perfect fit, and of course a great unique design (front: Dan’s cycled down a hill; back: Gina is still in the process of climbing the hill).


We would like to thank David Carman and his team for their support by providing us with a couple of jerseys that will hopefully last us until Argentina and perhaps even beyond! If you’re interested, check out their website at http://www.soigneur.co.nz

Merry Christmas!



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