Video: Riding through Central America

A little video showing parts of our journey through Central America.


4 thoughts on “Video: Riding through Central America

  1. Awesome tool, first I’ve seen of it. I recently found a 5 gram can opener and wet myself a little. Why did you change out the casset and how many kilometres were on it? Do you travel with a spare chain?

    • W got 5k out of the first cassettes, only because Dan’s first chain kept snapping and we had to replace it with a new unstretched one which didn’t work at all and kept snapping. This is the real key to durability of the cassette. Carry two chains, and swap every 2000ish km, is probably the best advice I’ve heard.

      As far as us, right now we only have the current chain and a few missing links for if one breaks. We might buy second ones and rotate, but I hope these cassettes will last longer by better maintenance of our original chains!

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