Exiting Ecuador

Not knowing what to expect from Ecuador we were surprised with beautiful landscapes, plenty of dirt roads, freedom to camp in empty areas, and very nice and generous people.

For the first time, we were able to hit the dirt pretty well as much we wanted. Favourite spots included El Angel, Cotopaxi (one day cycling, next day more so hiking), Inca Trail (more of a hike your bike), and the old railway from Sibambe to Cuenca (we only rode a wee section of it though).

We had been told Ecuador was gonna be a bit more expensive than say Colombia. Indeed, hotels usually cost double or more than what we had to pay in Colombia (around $10-$14 pp but closesr to the border to Peru we found places for only $5 pp)). As for food, fruit and vegetables are cheap on markets (eg 10 cents per banana) and you can get a filling meal for $2-$4. We calculated that a cooked dinner (pasta with vegetable sauce and spices) is about $1.10 each, for lunch (bread, jam, peanutbutter) merely 50 cent, and with oats and bananas being super cheap it’s probably not more than 30 cents per person for breakfast.

We spent more time than expected in Ecuador as we ended up shipping some things here which required us to wait a total of three weeks. Beware of import laws and charges (eg restrictions on what is allowed into the country and who is allowed to import it, and fees for anything valuing more than $400).

Ecuador is a beautiful country worth paying a visit! Thanks to all the people we met on our way who made our passing through and our stays much more memorable!


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