Blast-off: putting Aurisonic’s rockets to the test

Music has always been an integral part of my life. When I was younger I tried to play every instrument I could get my hands on. Nowadays, since I travel a lot, I spend most of my time simply listening instead of playing music. 10 years ago or so, I got my first high quality pair of headphones, a set of Grado 125s. From first audition, I knew I could never go back to cheapies. Over the years, since that pair of Grados, I’ve (embarrassingly) probably spent over 700 dollars on a variety of In Ear Monitors. The problem being, in the past 5 years with such an active lifestyle, they all failed. I’ve had broken cables ruin my perfectly good Vsonic gr07, Yamaha eph100, and Sennheiser ie80. It is at this point that I stumbled upon a really cool offering from Aurisonics called the “rockets”. They are made out of titanium, water resistant, with overbuilt kevlar cabling. They also come with a 5 year warranty which is unheard of for a product like this.

I emailed them and asked if they would send me a pair to review and see how they fared on such an epic trip. They emailed me back promptly and I’ve just now picked up a care parcel in Huaraz, Peru, with them enclosed. I’m really excited to have them in my hands (or ears) and they certainly look like they will have no problem dealing with the harshness I’ll be putting them through. A quick first impression: I also have a JVC fxt90 with me for reference although they probably won’t last much longer. I find the Aurisonics to have a flatter signature, and wider soundstage. I won’t get overly technical but they are definitely more relaxed than the JVC. They are really detailed and the timbre of the percussion is great. I’ve read of some people complaining about the bass, I think that’s definitely personal but it’s not lacking or prominent as much as well balanced. Overall, the sound is lovely and smooth, and the fact that these things are built so well puts them in a tier of their own, in my opinion. Sometimes I wonder if people reviewing the IEMs actually listen to music they like or choose music that suit the IEMs theselves, I can tell you these are versatile and very musical. You can spend twice the price and get something with better sound I’m sure, but for an active earphone these are the endgame as far as I’m concerned. The rockets retail for a price of 249 or 299 depending upon whether the inclusion of a mic is important to you.

Technical specs

Driver: 5.1mm Precision Micro-Dynamic Frequency response: 18Hz – 22kHz Impedance: 16 ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz Sensitivity: 105dB @1mW Passive noise attenuation: NRR 26db Construction: Precision machined 100% Titanium shell Cable: Proprietary quad-weave aramid cable Colors: Water-honed Titanium Warranty: 5-years

Full disclosure: Aurisonics provided me these free of charge to test.



4 thoughts on “Blast-off: putting Aurisonic’s rockets to the test

  1. price??? Specs ? etc? Btw I think on such trip bluetooth is way to go. Yes, the quality is poor but i think any cable will fail riding a bike in such conditions sooner or later.

    • Hi, updated, specs and prices added. This is really more of a first impression so I’m not going to start ABing different IEMs but will be checking back in with regards to durability. I have to disagree with you regarding Bluetooth being the better option here. There is a significant decrease in battery life and we don’t have the opportunity to charge every day.

      Also, yes the sound using Bluetooth is greatly reduced. I would highly recommend hopping onto YouTube and look at some of the testing done on the rockets. Apparently someone pulled a car with the cable, and I’m hoping we have a true durability king in these IEMs. They are built like nothing I’ve seen before, but time will tell!

  2. I have a set and they’re built for the apocalypse. They sound hella good, too. I think they retail for $249, but you can sometimes find a used set on Safe travels!

    • They do sound amazing and so far have been put through quite a test. They’ve fallen and run through my spokes by accident but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such great build quality! Did I mention the sound?!!

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