New things in Porcelain packaging (1 of 2)

Since the start of this trip, I’ve been looking for a good dirt friendly camera system. Cyclists running heavier setups have always had a plethora of handlebar bags to choose from. Big and small, for many different types of cameras. Up until now, us dirt roaders have been forced to be fairly creative. I started out using a fabric pocket which attached to my front harness. The camera’s hotshoe wore a hole through the fabric in no time. Since then I’ve been carrying it in my backpack. My only issue with carrying it on my back is its lack of accessibility. Often, by the time the camera is out and ready to shoot, I’ve lost the photo.

About a month ago, Gina got in touch with Scott at Porcelain Rocket with regards to a roll top frame bag. At the same time, she found out that Scott had just finished producing a small batch of “DSLR Slingers”. Without an ounce of hesitation, Scott offered to send Gina and I few bags to try. Today I’ve finally been able to get my hands on the Slinger, and I’ve taken a few photos to show it off.

The beautifully crafted cordura outer with an extremely high quality fit and finish. The bag was bigger than I expected. Scott has since started producing a smaller version for mirrorless cameras but the larger bag will allow me to protect my camera with extra clothes.

I managed to fit my buff, gloves, and hat in the slinger with the camera. This could be a good option on longer tours such as ours. I’m always in search of more space! Once I’ve used it a bit I’ll report back on whether I’d prefer a smaller version. The camera as reference is an olympus em1 with a 12-40mm lens.

Everything fits nice and snug. The Slinger would easily hold a 5d and and a medium sized lens.

A nice beefy closure system! Just what I like to see. It’s very smooth and easy to open and close.

Looking classy. It adds a fair bit of bulk up front but for me I reckon it’s absolutely worth it.

As you can see, I’ve got a very cluttered front end. Think of my bike as a worst case scenario, if it fits on mine, it’s gonna fit on yours.

The DSLR Slinger is available here for $150. It looks and feels like a great piece of kit and I’m excited to try it and report back on its functionality. Check back for a follow up and a look at Gina’s new custom roll top frame bag!

We honestly can’t thank Scott enough for providing us these bags free of charge. He has been very easy and quick to deal with and keen to help us along our journey!


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