Five month rollercoaster (summary of our time in Peru)

It seems like forever ago that we entered Peru. A lot of our, or more specifically Dan’s, time here was marked by illness. I would say that half the time in Peru we did not cycle due to sickness and waiting for new gear. Cycling itself though was fantastic, the amount of dirt roads you can find in the Andes is vast and the views are stunning. The climbs can be insane though, sometimes it’s 2000m up just to go all the way back down and then up again.

The possibly most difficult hikeabike was the Inca trail near Huamachuco. Despite only being around 7k long, it took all of our energy and therefore two days. Huayuash and the great divide offered some spectacular riding. The Salkantay trail and Ausangate were both challenging but very rewarding hikabikes.

The north of Peru is dirt cheap, it gets a bit pricier towards the middle and south of the country but stays cheap compared to the countries we’ve been to before. All up you might spend around 15 soles for food per day. Accommodation varies from 15-20 soles (for both of us) in smaller places to 30-40+ in cities like Huaraz, Cusco and Puno.

People here have a rich culture and are very traditional. You won’t go through Peru without seeing at least a couple of fiestas (aka parades). Especially in small villages we have been welcomed, particularly by curious kids who could at times be rather exhausting. Don’t visit smaller places if you’re not prepared to be stared at.

Unfortunately, our impression of the country has been slightly two-faced. We were mugged at gunpoint near Laguna Pelegatos, and robbed of all our valuables in Puno. It is hard to feel at ease after incidents such as these. But we try not to forget all the good times we had and all the nice people we met, and keep looking and cycling ahead.


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