Bolivia, a quick but tough ride

Our time in Bolivia flew by. In only a month or so we discovered some landscapes east of La Paz that many cyclists dismiss, and continued more ridden routes through Sajama, Coipasa, Uyuni and finally the Lagunas route.

Renowned for its terrible roads, especially the Lagunas route proved a pain on the ass. The landscapes were diverse and the weather extreme (dry, hot sun, cold nights) – although, at the time we cycled, not as bad as we had thought.

We had assumed Bolivia to be even cheaper than Peru but to our surprise we found it to be a bit pricier. Particularly accommodation, which might however be due to ‘alojamientos’ only existing in more touristy places (Oruro, Uyuni…) whereas in Peru cheap accommodation could be found in most towns. Food choice was limited in most towns, only in La Paz, Oruro and Uyuni could we do big restocks.

All in all, we had a very pleasant ride through the country. After all the trouble we had in Peru, just what we needed!


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