Find your zeal: Zeal Optics sponsorship


The folks over at Zeal Optics make some pretty nice shades. They’re also doing cool things with some environmentally friendly materials. They even have biodegradable models which will disintegrate if kept under dirt! We thought they made pretty nice stuff so we sent them an email asking if they’d like to sponsor us with a few pairs. A couple friendly emails later and they offered to FedEx some down to us!

We’re super pumped! The Zeal Optics Rival Team Edition is great for our purposes. A single piece lens for great coverage and adjustable nose piece and temple arms so they fit super snug. The optics are extremely clear and the tint is neither too dark nor light. I used to be a sunglass sceptic, having used cheapies I often opted to use no sunglasses at all. It felt as if I had big piece of opaque plastic in front of my eyes. I can now say I’m a convert, a good pair of sunglasses makes a huge difference especially when your cruising down a rough singletrack! If you’re in the market for a nice pair of sunglasses, Zeal is definitely worth a look.

Thanks to Zeal for sending us a few units and inviting us to be Zeal Optics Ambassadors.


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