A pot AND pan, Snowpeak sponsorship

Our old pot was getting pretty dinged up. The aluminum had warped from the heat of the stove. The lid didn’t fit properly anymore, and the bottom and sides began to swell.

I took this opportunity to e-mail Snowpeak. I have a titanium spork from them and wondered what they offered in terms of pots. As it happend, they had the perfect pot for us and were willing to sponsor us with one.

The Snowpeak trek 1400 is a fully titanium ultralight pot. It’s big enough we can use it for two, and small enough not to be ruled out for solo ventures. What excited me most about it was that it has a frying pan lid. Not only can we now cook sauces separately, but we can also fry eggs and make little pancakes (which we unsuccessfully attempted in our previous pot; we ended up with deep-fried batter pieces and batter stuck to the pot’s surface), or just use the lid as additional cup.

Thanks to snowpeak  being so nice and helpful.


I made some handle-huggers out of jeans as the handles do get a bit hot on the stove.


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