We (Dan and Gina – read this post for more information about us) set off at the end of May to cycle on FATBIKES (Surley Pugsleys) from Mexico to Argentina. Over three months we cycled almost 5 000 km from Cancun to Bogotá. Realizing that we were going into the rainy season in the high mountains we decided to take a break. We left our bikes in Bogotá and went back to Canada to make some more money, get a new tent (as we felt like ours might not do it around 5 000 m altitude), and plan and prepare for the next ‘section’ from Bogotá to Argentina.

You can follow us on this blog (see footer below), on facebook, and on twitter.

You can contact us by commenting on any post or page on this blog and we’ll get back to you.

If you’re interested in sponsoring us in any way, be it by providing gear or money, please get in touch – we appreciate any “helping hand” and would be happy to promote you in return.



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  1. Hey guys, Mike just bumped into you and passed me on your details. Looks like you’re travelling light – nice! If you want some bikepacking ideas for crossing Ecuador, let me know!
    Cass (Formerly fellow Pugs/now Krampus rider)

    • Hey Cass thanks for getting in touch. Your website has been great to look at and was one of the reasons we are here now. We’re probably heading to the Casa de Ciclistas in Quito tomorrow. If you have any recommendations of routes we could take south of it feel free to email us at fatcycling2 at gmail dot com. Where are you at the moment? Maybe we’ll run into each other at some point.

  2. Enjoying the read. We are currently riding in southern chile. Your route from chile Chico to Chacabuco looks very interesting. Was this good riding out were there land permission issues? Thanks, Tyndall

    • Not quite sure where Chacabuco is, but if you’re thinking of going south Chile Chico through the National Park by Lago Jeinemeni, I’d recommend you against it. Firstly, bikes are not permitted in there (so if you end up doing it, don’t tell them “but two guys did it last year” because we promised them not to spread the word), and secondly, you probably wouldn’t have much fun as we had so many punctures each day we ran out of patches… (https://fatcycling.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/forbidden-fruit/)
      Have fun whichever route you end up taking, and glad our blog can be of help 🙂

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