Excursion – teaching in Lima

Whilst Dan struggled with being sick for an extended period of time and then got to keep cycling through some extremely scenic Andean mountains, I volunteered for six weeks at a school near Lima. Continue reading


Thank you hubcycle

We are just over three weeks from our return flight to Bogota. We couldn’t be more excited, and we have been hard at work finishing up with our preparations.

There are tons of people who’ve helped us get ready, but we would like to extend a special thanks to Hubcycle in Truro, Nova Scotia. Continue reading

A well-fitting Christmas present

Over the three months we cycled, Dan’s T-shirt (merino T-shirt made in the Factory Outlet store in Palmerston North that held up a lot better than his previous icebreakers) got destroyed so that a young Colombian boy ended up going around town collecting T-shirts for him. He cycled the next couple of days up to Bogota in a cotton shirt (hot!).

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Finding roads to somewhere

Coming home was never in the books, but I’m sure glad it happened. It got to the point where I realized that this trip needed more planning than we had originally given it. On previous adventures timing played a much less integral role and I always had the luxury of being lazy with regards to deciding how to proceed with the trip.

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