Excursion – teaching in Lima

Whilst Dan struggled with being sick for an extended period of time and then got to keep cycling through some extremely scenic Andean mountains, I volunteered for six weeks at a school near Lima. Continue reading


A well-fitting Christmas present

Over the three months we cycled, Dan’s T-shirt (merino T-shirt made in the Factory Outlet store in Palmerston North that held up a lot better than his previous icebreakers) got destroyed so that a young Colombian boy ended up going around town collecting T-shirts for him. He cycled the next couple of days up to Bogota in a cotton shirt (hot!).

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Finding roads to somewhere

Coming home was never in the books, but I’m sure glad it happened. It got to the point where I realized that this trip needed more planning than we had originally given it. On previous adventures timing played a much less integral role and I always had the luxury of being lazy with regards to deciding how to proceed with the trip.

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