Final words from the other half of fatcycling

Like with whatever else you do day in day out, this trip had a bit of everything; excitement, joy and routine, as well as times of boredom, frustration and anger.

Summarising 20.000k…

It’s been almost two years since we landed in Cancún, Mexico, all happy-go-lucky, no clue what was actually awaiting us. Heat and humidity, long days on flat highways, food poisoning, popusas, taking boats across estuaries, camping and cycling on beaches, in churches, firestations and schools, and yacht-ing to bypass the Darian gap (which we probably would’ve tried with our current experience). After taking five months off in Canada to avoid rainy season we headed back to the Andes; dirt roads, insane climbs, elevation sickness, wind, rain, mud, heat, thirst, sickness, teaching at a local school, hike a bikes, deserts and salt flats, illnesses, robberies, sand, corrugations, green forests and lakes, almost drowning in an attempted river crossing, volcanos, blackberries, glaciers and the cold. We had so many experiences, the memories will last for the rest of our lives. Continue reading


Beach hopping in El Salvador (Usulutan, Las Playas, La Union)

Thursday was our longest day so far, 123km. For the first time we had spent the night in our tent in El Tunco and as we started cycling we noticed that my tire had a puncture. We found that it was small so we kept pumping it up every now and then to fix it at our destination rather than en route. The hours were dragging, it was hot and sunny on the flat highway. It’s a nice change from the ups and downs and you then appreciate the hills more as well, but it does get rather boring.

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De-touring (Santa Ana, Lago de Coatepeque, Acachapa, Caluco, Sonsonate)

Every single cycle tourist has had one of those days, where they feel negative and can’t find a silver lining in anything. Last night that’s how I was feeling. Gina and I have seen some really cool stuff, but recently we’ve had food poisoning, some tough climbs, and the past few days we spent on busy roads with trucks barreling past. To top it off, I was reading some blogs of other cycle tourists who were riding road bikes and it got me thinking about our bikes and the amount of effort we require to push them forward. Continue reading