Final words from the other half of fatcycling

Like with whatever else you do day in day out, this trip had a bit of everything; excitement, joy and routine, as well as times of boredom, frustration and anger.

Summarising 20.000k…

It’s been almost two years since we landed in Cancún, Mexico, all happy-go-lucky, no clue what was actually awaiting us. Heat and humidity, long days on flat highways, food poisoning, popusas, taking boats across estuaries, camping and cycling on beaches, in churches, firestations and schools, and yacht-ing to bypass the Darian gap (which we probably would’ve tried with our current experience). After taking five months off in Canada to avoid rainy season we headed back to the Andes; dirt roads, insane climbs, elevation sickness, wind, rain, mud, heat, thirst, sickness, teaching at a local school, hike a bikes, deserts and salt flats, illnesses, robberies, sand, corrugations, green forests and lakes, almost drowning in an attempted river crossing, volcanos, blackberries, glaciers and the cold. We had so many experiences, the memories will last for the rest of our lives. Continue reading


Expenses in Central America

Here a summary of our expenses whilst touring through Central America, might come handy if you’re trying to figure out a budget.
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Trucks, travel sickness, and faulty wiring. (Coban, Purulha, Guastatoya)

Guatemala Semuc

A birds eye view of Semuc Champey

Reason for the lack of blogging: Travel sickness. Gina and I made some lovely cheese and cucumber sandwiches for dinner a few nights ago and proceeded to spend the night rotating between being keeled over, and sitting on the toilet. Continue reading

Making a molehill out of a mountain (Sayaxche, Raxhuja (!), Semuc Champey)

From San Benito, we were full throttle towards Semuc Champey. Three days of riding through increasingly difficult terrain. Our first day was an easy 65k ride to Sayaxche where we found accommodation and enjoyed (hated) the hour walk in blistering heat to the large Dispensia Familiar for our restock.

Having looked at our topo map, we were clearly moving into more mountainous terrain, and on the second day this became apparent. Continue reading

Border and beyond (Melchor de Mencos to San Benito, Flores)

On our first day in Guatamala we spent the night at the Guatamalan border, Melchor de Mencos. Dan saw someone on a bicycle get hit by a motorcycle. He went to help the man who then demanded he pay 50 dollars in local currency to mend the bike wheel. Meanwhile an old man approached during the argument and tried to sell us some cocain. It was an interesting start to our Guatamalan experience. Continue reading