The complexities of packing a fat bike

I knew that packing up these suckers wouldn’t be easy. Thankfully, I’d had them shipped from out west from Chris at Wheel Life Cyclery and we got a few ideas from his creative packing. Continue reading



Three years ago I did my first cycle tour across Australia. A friend and I, 2 cheap bikes, and two bob yak bike trailers. We would have been carrying upwards of 60 lbs of gear at certain points which I consider ridiculous in retrospect. Valid arguments included the fact that there are very few streams around, and towns, being so far apart required the carry of large amounts of food. Less valid arguments include the fact that my laptop weighed five pounds and I had 3 or 4 cameras… I seemed to have a real lack of focus (pun definitely intended) with regards to what I needed to pack. Continue reading

Could this be our companion? (April Fools)

I’ve been thinking a lot about our security on the cycle tour – all our gear has cost us a lot of money, crime is common in South America, and especially at night we might be at┬árisk of getting our valuables stolen. I’m particularly worried about our bikes!

So a few weeks ago, I decided to do some research. I got in touch with an animal shelter in Cancun Continue reading

The Beginnings

Since Dan made the start, I figured it would be nice for me to post something next.

I’m currently in my final year at the University of Edinburgh. If we hadn’t planned this cycle tour, I would have absolutely no clue what to do next. Since I can’t write about our lovely bikes because they’re more than 6000 km away, we’re going to write about gear at some later point when we’ve gotten everything, and because I’m a story-teller I’ll fill you in on the ‘background story’.
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Building up some velocity (the plan is no plan?)

I’ll set the scene, I’ve been on the road for the past three and something years. Aimlessly trying to get my life in order, which hasn’t really worked as I haven’t gotten any closer to “finding myself” or any of that cliche nonsense. Instead, I’ve begun a love affair with long distance hiking, cycling, or any activity where living out of a tent and showering weekly is considered to be “Just great!”. Continue reading