A pot AND pan, Snowpeak sponsorship

Our old pot was getting pretty dinged up. The aluminum had warped from the heat of the stove. The lid didn’t fit properly anymore, and the bottom and sides began to swell.

I took this opportunity to e-mail Snowpeak. I have a titanium spork from them and wondered what they offered in terms of pots. As it happend, they had the perfect pot for us and were willing to sponsor us with one.
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Find your zeal: Zeal Optics sponsorship


The folks over at Zeal Optics make some pretty nice shades. They’re also doing cool things with some environmentally friendly materials. They even have biodegradable models which will disintegrate if kept under dirt! We thought they made pretty nice stuff so we sent them an email asking if they’d like to sponsor us with a few pairs. A couple friendly emails later and they offered to FedEx some down to us!
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New things in Porcelain packaging (2 of 2)

Recently, Dan told me he’d seen a photo of Cass using a custom roll-top framebag from Porcelain Rocket. Without much forethought, we had purchased regular zipped frame bags for our trip. In retrospect, zips are always prone to failure. Extended use, especially on bike bags that you open several times every day, can degrade the zips. I kept having problems with my zip (fraying) and decided to inquire about the custom roll-top frame bags at Porcelain Rocket. Without hesitation, Scott sent one down to me (along with the camera slinger for Dan). Continue reading

New things in Porcelain packaging (1 of 2)

Since the start of this trip, I’ve been looking for a good dirt friendly camera system. Cyclists running heavier setups have always had a plethora of handlebar bags to choose from. Big and small, for many different types of cameras. Up until now, us dirt roaders have been forced to be fairly creative. I started out using a fabric pocket which attached to my front harness. The camera’s hotshoe wore a hole through the fabric in no time. Since then I’ve been carrying it in my backpack. My only issue with carrying it on my back is its lack of accessibility. Often, by the time the camera is out and ready to shoot, I’ve lost the photo.

About a month ago, Gina got in touch with Scott at Porcelain Rocket with regards to a roll top frame bag. At the same time, she found out that Scott had just finished producing a small batch of “DSLR Slingers”. Without an ounce of hesitation, Scott offered to send Gina and I few bags to try. Today I’ve finally been able to get my hands on the Slinger, and I’ve taken a few photos to show it off. Continue reading

Blast-off: putting Aurisonic’s rockets to the test

Music has always been an integral part of my life. When I was younger I tried to play every instrument I could get my hands on. Nowadays, since I travel a lot, I spend most of my time simply listening instead of playing music. 10 years ago or so, I got my first high quality pair of headphones, a set of Grado 125s. From first audition, I knew I could never go back to cheapies. Over the years, since that pair of Grados, I’ve (embarrassingly) probably spent over 700 dollars on a variety of In Ear Monitors. The problem being, in the past 5 years with such an active lifestyle, they all failed. I’ve had broken cables ruin my perfectly good Vsonic gr07, Yamaha eph100, and Sennheiser ie80. It is at this point that I stumbled upon a really cool offering from Aurisonics called the “rockets”. They are made out of titanium, water resistant, with overbuilt kevlar cabling. They also come with a 5 year warranty which is unheard of for a product like this. Continue reading

A well-fitting Christmas present

Over the three months we cycled, Dan’s T-shirt (merino T-shirt made in¬†the¬†Factory Outlet store in Palmerston North that held up a lot better than his previous icebreakers) got destroyed so that a young Colombian boy ended up going around town collecting T-shirts for him. He cycled the next couple of days up to Bogota in a cotton shirt (hot!).

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