Digression (Huilo-Huilo and Volcan Osorno)

From Paso Samoré we cycled north to Riñinahue. We wanted to do the Volcán Puyehue traverse (section 13 of  the GPT). As we were told it would take us five days of pushing and carrying, and water was extremely scars, we decided to bail on this one.

After sunbathing in Lago Ranco for a couple of days, we crossed paths with Skyler. He convinced us to join him on a trail he had done a few years back, a ride through the Huilo-Huilo reserve. It felt rather weird to be going north. Continue reading


Colours of desolation (summary of our time in Northern Argentina)

It was rather unpopulated in the puna/north of Argentina. We enjoyed the feeling of being alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but nature and it’s forces around us. Continue reading

Second time mugged in Peru (Puno)

A few of you may already know about our misfortunes in Peru. Not to make it sound like we’re an exception, we’ve met plenty of others who’ve had their fair share of trouble. I suppose it’s always a risk sharing a post like this, because I’m not one who likes to spread negativity. I think everyone’s trip is different and you should be your own judge when exploring a new country. Continue reading