As our trip is not for any charity or the like we don’t ask for anything. We have worked and saved up money to be able to travel. However, not being able to work whilst on the bike and having a limited amount of money means that we have a tight budget. We are fortunate to be able to free-camp a lot and meet lovely hospitable people who gifted us with food and accommodation in the past. Whilst everyday living on the bikes is quite affordable, maintaining our bikes and gear often puts a hole into our wallets. If you would like to support us, why not sponsor us (get in touch!) or




Anyone who donates and leaves their address will be sent a postcard from wherever we are at that time!


 soigneur Soigneur (NZ) provided us with two merino jerseys that Gina was able to draw logos for. They’re specifically made for cyclists and include pockets on the back of the jerseys.See this blog post.
 HubCycleNewLogo2 Daisy and Bruce from Hub Cycle (Canada) generously sold us fat bike tires at a reduced rate. Tires are one of the highest costs we are facing; 4 new tires every 5000 km or so that we have to ship to various locations along the way as we can’t getfatbike tires anywhere in South America.See this blog post.
 porcelainrocketlogo Porcelain Rocket provided us with a free new custom-made roll-top frame bag for Gina (as herrevelate frame bag´s zip failed for the second time) and a slinger (camera bag) for Dan. We really appreciated Scott helping us without hesitation!See this blog post.
 aurisonicslogo Aurisonics sent Dan a pair of Rockets to try out. Music is very important to him, and can make a boring ride a lot more fun. Let´s hope they are as durable as promoted and will last him till the end of this trip, if not beyond!See this blog post.



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