What we cycled – roughly 20 000km



Cancun (Mexico) – Bogota (Colombia), roughtly 5000 km
Bogota (Colombia) – Ushuaia (Argentina), roughly 15 000km

For some sections, GPX files can be found on the corresponding blog post. They are all also listed under “Resources“. If you can’t find the gpx file for a section, just email us and we’d be happy to provide you with it. Note: we did not carry a GPS with us until Bogota, Colombia, so we only have gpx files from there onwards.

For a more detailed information, click on each country’s map.
We have an account on RideWithGPS (elevation profiles etc) and one on Everytrail (includes some photos, only up to Huaraz though).


Very beautiful in the Tatacoa desert. Beware around there (by Neiva) though, there has been an outbreak of chikungunya (unfortunately, Dan was affected and consequently lay flat for three days and felt weak for a few more weeks).

Colombia-map Colombia-elevation

Distance: 1046.6 km
Elevation: + 17280 / – 17078


Detour visible after Quito: Dan had heard about a scenic route in “El TAmbo”, so we cycled to the closest El Tambo we could find. Turned out there was a horsetrack, mud up to the knees, and with an entry fee of 5 USD. We decided to backtrack, and the El Tambo Dan had actually heard about turned out to be near Cotopaxi…

Unfortunately we’re missing a file just before Loja.
Ecuador-map Ecuador-elevation

Distance: 1586.5 km
Elevation: + 33490 / – 35629


Constant up and down. Took us 5 months, mainly due to sickness (giardia!) and two robberies though. Realistically you should estimate 3 months to get through.

Straight line to Huancavelica – had to hitch due to reoccuring Giardia
Stright line into Cusco – camera broke so we bailed riding 3000m uphill on asphalt and in heat after Salkantay, made it up by doing two circuits from Cusco though 😉



Distance: 3626.3 km
Elevation: + 60637 / – 60064 m


Quick and painless – or rather very painful on the bum. Cycled through in around a month!



Distance: 1666.7 km
Elevation: + 12913 / – 14338 m


We hitched a few sections of the 40 in the north of Argentina, hence some straight lines there.



Distance: 8245.6 km
Elevation: + 74209 / – 74868 m


9 thoughts on “Route

  1. How did you get from panama to Columbia? I’ve heard lots of the unpassable jungle on the boarder between the two countries and only one tale of a guy who did it whilst hiking.

    • We took a boat (which you’ll know once you’ve read all posts). Quite pricey, lots of throwing up, but super pretty through the San Blas islands. There are some people who have crossed the Darian Gap by (carrying) their bike, braver than us…

  2. Thank you for recording your adventure. I appreciate it. Hope it is as fulfilling as it appears from the armchair. I hoped you could you give me some insight into the Quimza Cruz section of your Bolivia segment. I would be doing your La Paz to Sajama section in reverse, stopping to climb in the Quimza Cruz. I would need to stop in Oruro for food I presume, but my main question is what the food and fuel situation is in the Oruro to La Paz segment. Is there white gas/kerosene and packable staples out there anywhere?

    Thanks again. Peace.

    • Hey Dan
      Yeah, Oruro would be your best bet to stock up on anything fancy. Along the route are small towns with little shops but I wouldn’t count on getting fuel there. In Bolivia we found most small towns had little shops with staple food (pasta, eggs, cookies) but only the big towns (Uyuni, Oruro, La Paz) had a variety of things in shops.
      The route was roughly 160km long from La Paz to Caracollo. We’d be more than happy to send you the gpx files.
      Good luck and let us know how it goes if you do it!

  3. I hope you guys put up some chile and argentina stats soon, the information about how long each section took you guys is really useful, as well as cost. I am just starting to read through your blog and it is great. thanks for posting!

  4. Hi Ihr Zwei, ich wünsche Euch Glück für die “letzten” Kilometer! Passt auf, wenn ihr die Dörfer am Straßenrand besucht, ihr werdet nicht nur von freundlichen Menschen gesehen! Herzliche Grüße Dad/Gautam

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