An Argentinian gateway (Paso Socompa)

Up until San Pedro de Atacama, we’d pre planned meticulously. Travel through Chile and Argentina had always seemed more complex and therefore out of laziness we had banished any thought of it into the very back of our minds. It was only in San Pedro that we realized we’d been so careless, and graciously took up refuge in Carlos’ house (Warmshowers) for some much needed research. We ended up staying a week, waiting for a package and reading about various different routes. Riding through northern Chile was immediately ruled out due to the heat. We were left with three crossings over to Argentina. Jama, Sico, and last but not the slightest bit least, Socompa.
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Boating away from El Salvador (La Union to Potosi)

Seven days in El Salvador left a very good impression. Whilst initially coming across as more reserved, the people were very friendly and welcoming. The landscape is beautiful with volcanoes peaking into the horizon and wonderful beaches. Continue reading

Belize it or not we’re in Guatemala

Almost 700 km

Our stay in Belize was quite brief, we cycled from the north to the west of the country (ie from the Mexican to the Guatamalan border) over a period of 4 days. As we did not see much whilst cycling on the highways in Mexico we were happy to finally have some nice views on Belize’s countryside when we cycled along the country’s “highway” which really is more like a regular road, quite well maintained with very few road signs and often with some sort of dirt-road-like shoulder. Continue reading