An ending (ascent)

Finality is unavoidable. And this chapter of my life is about to come to a close. I’ve struggled a lot the past few weeks searching for that last ounce of motivation. I almost convinced myself to stay put in Punta Arenas and count down the days until my flight. But, something kept gnawing at me to push through a few more cold days. To reach Ushuaia.

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The classic laguna route, only doable coz we have fat bikes (Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

The only reason we were able to ride the classic lagunas route was because of our fatbikes. If you don’t own a fatbike you should forget about even trying. In fact, you should probably just stay home and play computer games because you’ll be a lot more successful doing that.

We rode this whole route in half a day from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama. Anyone who says that’s impossible obviously has a shitty regular bike and has never ridden a fatbike.

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All will be right as rain

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper update on here with some progress to share. We’ve made the final push towards to the Bolivian border and are now in La Paz.

The recent events have scarred my mind, and unemotionally I’ve been forcing my cranks in circles trying to push myself into a better headspace. It’s a slow process but thankfully time (and camping in my opinion) heals all wounds. Continue reading

Five month rollercoaster (summary of our time in Peru)

It seems like forever ago that we entered Peru. A lot of our, or more specifically Dan’s, time here was marked by illness. I would say that half the time in Peru we did not cycle due to sickness and waiting for new gear. Cycling itself though was fantastic, the amount of dirt roads you can find in the Andes is vast and the views are stunning. The climbs can be insane though, sometimes it’s 2000m up just to go all the way back down and then up again. Continue reading

Bikepacking Ausangate (Wowsengate?)

Foul weather was upon us when we departed Tinke. The GPS was taunting us. Ausangate was only a few kilometres away, but the stormy sky prevented even our imagination from forming a view. Slowly we made our way up the foothills passing small communities filled with welcoming smiles. The rain and hail were relentless, and the cold environment summoned up memories of the Ecuadorian paramo. Nevertheless, we pushed forth.
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Back In The Heat (La Balsa to Celendin, including Tingo and Kuelap)

It’s been 11 days since we crossed the border from Ecuador to Peru. It kinda felt like we were back in Central America, it was hot and humid and we were on asphalt most of the time. How did we manage to cycle (and sleep) in these conditions before?

The border La Balsa was quiet, small and friendly but unfortunately down at 600m. A dirt road had brought us all the way down and in Peru asphalt continued. We carried on and slept in Namballe. The next day Dan felt sick and we waited in San Ignacio for two days. This is where we met two other cyclists, Kat and Graham, who had only started their cycle tour a few weeks ago and were stuck due to illness as well.

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Three years ago I did my first cycle tour across Australia. A friend and I, 2 cheap bikes, and two bob yak bike trailers. We would have been carrying upwards of 60 lbs of gear at certain points which I consider ridiculous in retrospect. Valid arguments included the fact that there are very few streams around, and towns, being so far apart required the carry of large amounts of food. Less valid arguments include the fact that my laptop weighed five pounds and I had 3 or 4 cameras… I seemed to have a real lack of focus (pun definitely intended) with regards to what I needed to pack. Continue reading