Shutting down

I was full of enthusiasm, a few years ago when the idea of this trip began to form. The recent emergence of bikepacking blogs had caught my eye, and I put myself into the shoes of the innovative few who had begun to bikepack South America. Studying and analyzing small lines on google earth, looking for any signs of trails and paths less travelled. Slowly, the hopeful mapped out squiggles turned into real trails beneath our tires. The fruits of labor were becoming real, sometimes working out and other times not. Either way, it was exciting. Bike maintenance mirrored this enthusiasm, and our Pugs were a happy pair of stallions. Smooth bearings, and well adjusted brakes. Continue reading


Entering the Austral

The past few weeks have marked an entirely different pace for us. My folks came for a lovely visit which provided us some downtime from riding. There comes a point in any tour where one forgets to appreciate the incredible experience they are living, and I think it’s safe to say that Gina and I were very much in that position. However, It’s amazing what a week off the bike can do!

The Carreterra Austral is iconic route for South American cycle-tourists. Usually marking the beginning or end point for some very epic adventures. In our situation, a realization hits us. We’re on the home stretch and that’s pretty scary for two . We’re lined up to hit Ushuaia in early winter, but neither Gina or I are in any great rush to try and make up the time. We’ve decided to use the Austral as a sort of “home base”, branching off whenever something more interesting comes along. Continue reading

Second time mugged in Peru (Puno)

A few of you may already know about our misfortunes in Peru. Not to make it sound like we’re an exception, we’ve met plenty of others who’ve had their fair share of trouble. I suppose it’s always a risk sharing a post like this, because I’m not one who likes to spread negativity. I think everyone’s trip is different and you should be your own judge when exploring a new country. Continue reading

Finding roads to somewhere

Coming home was never in the books, but I’m sure glad it happened. It got to the point where I realized that this trip needed more planning than we had originally given it. On previous adventures timing played a much less integral role and I always had the luxury of being lazy with regards to deciding how to proceed with the trip.

Continue reading

Warm up, complete (Cartagena to Bogota)

Gina and I hit a few hiccups in recent weeks. Beginning with the realization that we wanted to cycle through the Andes and not mudslide down the side of them, we decided that waiting out the rainy season would be the best option in our given position. Continue reading

Sailing away

We spent our final days in Central America, aka Panama, on a boat to Colombia. The days beforehand had been stressful, so seasickness, warm turquois Caribbean water, and islands like those you see on catalogues were a very welcome distraction. Continue reading

Perusing through Panama

After Volcan we managed to avoid the highway one more day by taking the Ruta 103 to Potrerillos Abajo and later on a dirt road to Rio Caldera. Several people had told us about a spot at the river where camping was possible, apparently even toilets existed as some celebrations took place here. However, we ended up going across the bridge and not finding any such spot. Continue reading

A beautiful day (Rio Sereno to Volcan)

Today deserves a blog post for itself. Over the past 50-something days that we’ve been cycling, today has by far been the most beautiful.

We left Rio Sereno as the sun was rising with glorious views onto the surrounding mountains. Continue reading

Another section comes to an end (Londres, Palmar Norte, San Vita, Sereno)

10 days in Costa Rica have gone by. Since our last post we had a rest day in Londres, which wasn’t much of a rest day due to the number of things that needed to be done. Continue reading