Constant Awe (Huaraz to Oyon)

With my continuous sick lingering on, I was beginning to feel like a permanent resident at Joe’s place. Thankfully, I was in good company for my final days in Huaraz, as Paul was still kicking around working on his bikepacking project. I’d given up on finding a riding partner for Huayuash, but Lukas rocked into town at the knick of time. It’s rare to see cyclists travelling light, so when you do it’s pretty indicative that they’re looking to ride similar routes. The plan was made to ride south (obviously) and head east through Pastoruri Glacier, following up with a tidy little bikepack through the legendary Cordillera Huayhuash.

The gpx file for Huayuash can be obtained here.
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Rajucolta: A bikepacking loop

I’d been looking forward to my arrival in Huaraz, renowned by many off-roaders and adventurer tourers for its proximal location to the Cordillera Blanca. Our ride into Huaraz had us pass through Huascaran national park near Laguna Portuchuelo, and the sheer amount of traffic had left me somewhat disappointed. I had been yearning for the untouched wilderness experience and this wasn’t it. To top off my frustrations, I spent the first week in Huaraz bedridden wih the runs. Discouraged and keen to keep tracking south, I had convinced myself to head off as soon as possible. Luckily, I bumped into Paul Griffiths (, fellow dirt road adventurer.

Paul suggested an overnighter up to Laguna Rajucolta, so we awoke ready to go, or at least I did. Paul had spent the night before with his head resting on a toilet bowl as a pillow. The following day things looked more positive and we set off in search of adventure. Continue reading