Snow to sweating (Bikepacking the Salkantay Pass)

The Salkantay trail is offered to trekkers as a more challenging alternative to the classic Inca trail. It was a year before our trip began that I first saw Joe Cruz’s blog about bikepacking the Salkantay route. It obviously stuck in my mind. Feeling a bit lazy, Gina and I were torn as to whether or not to burn straight through to Cusco or give it a go. The nice thing about riding a fatty is that it guilt trips you whenever you try and cop out of a challenge. Boring asphalt is wasted rubber.
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Mugged at gunpoint (Huamachuco to Pelegatos)

Over the course of seven months that we’ve been cycling we we had a few minor problems, such as food poisoning, little accidents, Chikungunya, and shipping woes. Nothing, however, was as hard to digest as what happened to us on Saturday May 23rd.

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What a stunner – Ecuador’s Inca Trail

Gina found a trail on Google earth and only a few weeks ago we realized that it was part of the Inca Trail. Despite it being considered a hiking trail and us still being in the tail end of rainy season, it sounded like just the adventure to kick our ass back into shape after a two week cycling hiatus. I remembered an old blog post I had read by Joe Cruz who had done it on a fatbike a few years ago, knowing it was possible made it easy to dismiss the nay-saying locals.
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