The little booklet

We made a little booklet, mostly visual, that includes information about our journey and subjects such as equality and the environment. We have met a number of people with limited access to education who seemed unaware of some of these topics. By giving people this booklet we can hopefully leave something of us and some knowledge behind. Dan had the great idea to do more talks in schools (he already gave one in Pampas, Peru, and the children loved it), on which occasion we could hand out the booklet, too.

You can view the booklet below, the original handwritten Spanish version as well as the English and German translations of it. If you would like to make a donation, to contribute to printing costs for example, follow this link. Any help is greatly appreciated!

original version in Spanish
we print this one on a double sided A4 sheet (4 pages on each side) and fold it to make the wee booklet

English version

German version


One thought on “The little booklet

  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea! This is really amazing.
    Great work! We’ve just stumbled across your blog as we are planning a SA cycle trip next year. Loving the posts guys. A great resource!


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