Women Misc.

Apart from the general ups and downs everyone experiences on a cycletour, women deal with a number of different issues on top of that. Here are a few things that I have found helpful in dealing with those:

The cup

I’ve been using menstrual cups for several years now. They are easy to use and save money and garbage as they can be used for years. I also had a reusable pad which may or may not be handy whilst travelling depending on water sources to wash it (I ended up never using it because of the associated hassle).

Freshette, female pee device

In Central America I kept telling Dan how I really wanted a female pee device (most commonly known is perhaps the sheewee) and his mum gave me one for Christmas. She did some research and found that the freshette had all in all the best reviews, and I can only agree. No leakage whatsoever, very easy to use since the first time. I have been using it everyday and pretty much every single time I have to pee on the road and even sometimes in bathrooms that have toilets you’d rather not sit on. So handy, I can just pee off the bike by angling it a bit to the side, just like a dude 😉


For those sexually active the right contraception may be difficult to figure out. I’m not a big fan of hormonal contraception and yet it is undeniably handy. After trying a couple of different pills I decided to try the mirena coil. It only has one hormone, progesterone, and a much lower dosage per day than any other hormonal contraceptives. A huge benefit is that you get it fitted and then, hopefully, don’t have to worry about it for 5 years. Many women experience fewer menstrual pains and less bleeding, for some women their periods even stop. However, like with any other method there can be complications. For the first 9 months I had very irregular periods, spotting, and cramps on many days (and felt more emotionally unstable). That stopped rather abruptly at one point, since then I’ve had a more regular cycle (although frequently shorter), very little to no spotting, and not too many aches.

More information on the NHS.


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